Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Success!

Hello, ladies!!!

Thanks to ALL for making last night's activity a rousing success!!! I was thrilled with the attendance & i hope that everyone is pleased with their projects! Several of us are still working on ours...myself included, ahem, and i look forward to seeing more finished products!

I think it's also FABULOUS that several showed up with either projects from home to work on or just to socialize - that's a huge reason we try to get together regularly, so we can have a break from the daily grind & enjoy getting to know each other better!

Speaking of which - we need to plan our next activity! Marcia & I both mentioned we'd be happy to brainstorm & provide projects for anyone that wants to host but either doesn't want to plan projects or doesn't want to do it alone. So, options!!!

Late February or early March is our target - and crafts/projects can be whatever you want! Make-n-Take cards, spring garland or wreaths to decorate, kid related, food related, whatever! I brought up a paper bird cage idea that I'd be happy to "teach" (it's ridiculousy simple) & gather supplies. I am looking for a picture to post (i forget the site I first saw it on & the ones I've found so far just aren't as cute!).

If you want to brainstorm & starting posting ideas - - please do!!! many of you have the login info for this blog...if you want/need it, just ask! We don't want to post it here, since it's public :o)

Anyone want to volunteer for next time???