Friday, January 13, 2012

January Craft Night

***UPDATE*** (as of Wed Jan 18th)

OFFICIAL DATE CHANGE - doesn't that sound SO important??!! LOL

After much feedback from practically all of you (awesome)...we are moving the craft night to Wednesday, February 1st at 6:30pm. My House!

Projects: Birthday Calendars, V-day necklaces, Jar/s, possible decor balls

Also - as of this week-ish, Michael's no longer carries the memo sized/mini clipboards! Rude, I know. I called every one within 40 min. of here, btw, and after much searching at area locations AND online - - best deal I can find is $1.79 each. So, nearly double what I was hoping, but still pretty cheapy! That price won't change no matter how many orders we get.

I've had about 3 orders come in - - and with the date set, deadline for orders is 2/25 - money by 2/27 (b/c i need final orders to get the exact costs of copies, beads & ribbon)

If you have any questions about supply lists, etc., please read through the post & then get in touch with me with any other questions you may have after that. I'll post a final list next week & send you individual emails or texts regarding your orders.

***UPDATE*** (as of Tues Jan 17th)

My DH informed me today that his work travel changed & he will now be gone thru about 9pm Wednesday, 1/25. SO! I can still totally do the craft nite, there will just be a couple kiddies around part of the time.
OPTION #2 - move the activity to February 1st, 2nd or 8th & add a V-day craft (that I was debating to use anyway!!) that would involved many overlapping supplies, hence, minimal cost. I'll put it to the masses & let you decide!!! If I don't get much feedback, we'll keep things as-is!


Optional V-day craft IF we change nites... Valentine's Necklaces


Next craft night: Wednesday, January 25th, 6:30pm. Angie's house!

Here is the main project & list of what you'll need:

Birthday Calendars!

These are mini clipboards with a page for each month, which you write birthdays onto. You can choose how many pages you want for each month, as each day only has one line.

I'll pick up all the clipboards ($1 each, I'll let you know if different, that's what they were last i checked). You'll be responsible for whatever paper, fabric scraps, ribbon, etc. you are interested in.

Also, i don't plan to get easels for everyone b/c some people may want to hang them, keep them in a desk organizer, etc. On the night, we'll be cutting your embellishments to fit, cutting out the calendars (two on a page, I may have this done if there aren't 1000 to do), assembling & any painting, inking, etc. you may want to do.

I DO need to know how many calendars you plan to make, so I can have the right number of copies. Each calendar will need 6 pages (on cardstock) & I'll have them printed at Riverprint or OfficeMax, depending on cost. They'll be .10-.40 each (so, $2 tops for 1 calendar)  all depending on how many we need & what kind of bulk discount we get.

One more thing you'll need to decide is if you want to paint your clipboard (the one shown is painted) or mod podge paper or ??? for the base. I will have some craft paints here, but don't have every last color of the rainbow! I will have foam brushes. I also have ModPodge to use for the clipboard.

Next project, Holiday Candy Jars!

I've been bringing these up for MONTHS & i just love them (my interest was piqued b/c we eat a lot of pickles at our house & I love to recycle for craft projects!). I plan to use them for Valentine's candy & favors & then for several other holidays & events during the year. IF you are interested, you can thrift store (as Marcia has brought up before for the similar apothecary Joy jars), use any glass jars you may have at home OR you can peruse the pickled foods section at any grocery store or any dollar store & get them CHEAP. The candlesticks can be any castoffs you have - the above shown (and mine) are a combo of glass & wood, just painted to match. Obviously, if you want them to be the same - you can buy unfinished wood ones in different sizes.

Yours can be totally different, too! if you want to do only one jar for an empty spot on a shelf or in a centerpiece - a group of mini jars for a windowsill or end table - two jars to use on either end of a book case or console table - - - possibilities, people!!!!!!!!

Again, depending on how many people want to do this one - I may have enough paint & glue here (industrial, like E6000) - if there's an overwhelming response, we can divvy up costs. These can all be painted & assembled that night & just need a 24 hr cure time when you take them home.

Last thing - due to HUGE response & interest in the home decor balls during the fall - I know several people could not come or didn't get to make as many as they wanted. SO - if you want to do that project, let me know!!! I am happy to set up a table for that to happen, especially since I didn't get to do mine yet! Odds are so much better for me to finish a project when done in a group setting :o)

OK! Feel free to comment on this post or send me an email - if I get ambitious (and the sickness starts to leave these parts...) I'll do a quick google doc for orders to make things simpler.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012