Friday, December 7, 2012

December/Holiday Craft Night

We are BEHIND getting this info out! ACK! Better late than never, yes??

Next craft night:

Wednesday, 12.12.12 !!!
Tina Coleman's House - 3158 N. 1375 W.


Chipboard design frames (colors will vary for paper & letters)
Words to choose from:
*we'll also have a selection of 3-4 single shapes (stars, tree, etc) if you want to do a single frame
Cost: $2-$5, depending on your word(s)

(for this project, you cut paper to fit the FRONT of the glass, then paint your letters to match your paper & adhere the letters to the paper)

**note: as of 12/8, black & silver frames we can get for $1 at 2 different places - unfinished is $2.50 & white $4.95 - checking 3 more places tomorrow, so if you want/need white, check with Angie or when you submit your order (via text, email or phone) let me know what you need!

Collection of mini-subway art (7 sayings included)
Cost: $2-$5 depending on our final cost of frames (if you want black or silver frame, $2 final cost)

Christmas Tree Cones (colors will vary)
We'll have yarn, wire, twine to choose from for these cones. This is just one idea so you can visualize!
Cost: $1-$3(trying to get a best price per tree, not sure yet if we can get more than one size cone)
*So far, the easiest size to get is 6x3 (6 inches tall, 3 in. wide base) & they are $1.75 each - the twine or yarn will be .50-.75 on top of that. IF you are doing a wire tree, we'll only use the forms for shaping the wire, so you'll just be paying for the wire! That will be $1-$2 per tree, depending on size & gauge & we'll have 2 to choose from there (at this point!). Plan on $2.75-$3.00 IF covering the form & $1-$2 if using the form to shape your wire.

Snowman hot cocoa jar (for teachers, decor, or otherwise!)
Cost: $3 each - including jars, hot cocoa & mallows, vinyl, buttons & ribbon/fabric for scarf

More details coming!