Monday, March 19, 2012

March 22nd Craft Night

Ok ladies, here's what we are doing Thursday night! First off the bracelets, that order has been made because they had to ship it. Sorry if you missed out I will have his information if you would like to do something through him another time Chunky Bling
 We also talked about doing the yarn balls again because not everyone got them done or was able to attend the night we did it. So that will be available, just bring the color of yarn you want to use and I will have the rest. It will be $1 for the glue.
 Lastly I will have subway art for each holiday for you to take home if you want, I just need the size. Here is the link to see what each holiday looks like. I can get you a color copy for $0.05 but you can only go up the an 8x10 or I can do a massive print at Costco, the prices are below. 
Costco Pricing: 

I need all orders before Wednesday night so that I can have everything ready the next evening! 

And I MUST have the money Thursday night at arrival, I hate feeling like a bill collector :) 
Angie is going to jump on here as well and add a small thing so we will have plenty to choose from. I am EXCITED, see you Thursday!!

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  1. Marcia,
    When you say .05 for a color copy, what do you mean? Do you mean just printed from your computer? And then the other prices are for like a photo print?